Monday, March 10, 2008

Busy days and thoughts on lazy weekends

So as this is the store blog I thought I would take a moment to update the store status. Today rental unit #2 was approved by the county inspector to be legal and safe. That was the final approval I needed to legally rent the space out. Now to get it a seperate address. Phones were installed in rental unit #3 and the space is also finished. Now I have to schedule the final approval on that space as well.

What this means is I actually have three businesses under my roof. I can't explain how weird that is. When I bought this place over two years ago there were days I was here all by myself. Seriously, 7500 square feet of loneliness. Rental #1 (the beauty shop) was the only place this place had to rent out and was "ready" to rent out. After so much stress and spending I now have three fully rentable spots in my building. Two of them could use a little addition, such as a bathroom, but for now with the people I have renting, it's o.k.

I am purchasing a camera system for the store. My uncle is going to sell me his very nice system that he is removing from his restaurant and it will help me sleep a little better at night. It's something I've always wanted to do, but have never had the funds. The funds still aren't there, but the price is right and he's in debt to me for a nice sum of money, so it's going to work out just fine. Woot!

Today was just flooded with everything happening building wise, a good flow of customers, and just tons of visitors. I didn't even spend time in my office until nearly six o'clock!! It was crazy I know. But I felt good today.

So this weekend was pretty uneventful. Friday I had to clean at the annex and then got some carryout and spent some time relaxing in front of the t.v. Eventful huh? Then Saturday I had a good day at the store, then worked at Wendy's. What an awful night. Working with people I didn't care to work with, and they were SO SLOW!!!! My regular crew has gotten me so used to easy closes that last 1/2 hour at most, but these guys had me there for nearly an hour and a half. I was so mad when I got home. Then daylight savings time had me fast forward to nearly 4 in the morning. I finally crashed.

Sunday I couldn't convince myself to get out of bed much before I met my rents for lunch. Had a good lunch and good conversation and then home to start laundry. Then my rents picked me up and we went to Toledo to get some supplies. They just like to get out of the house on Sundays, doesn't really matter to where. When we returned home I finished wiring the internal phone lines for rental #3 and then finished my laundry. After that I gave in to temptation and sat down and watched t.v., made a small supper and just vegged infront of the t.v. Finally going to sleep around 11.

I felt so guilty sitting and watching t.v. when I could have been cleaning out my computer desk, cleaning my disasterous kitchen, cleaning the laundry room or the bathroom, or organizing the hallway. I did manage to sew a few buttons back onto one of my work shirts. Nothing says manly like sewing. HAHAHAHAHA!!! But even after the things I did acomplish I felt so lazy. I felt like I wasn't doing enough, or that I was using exhaustion as an excuse to get lazy. I work hard all week and I shouldn't feel guilty for taking a few hours to watch some t.v. but yet I do.

I just consider myself fat and lazy if I spend more than an hour watching t.v. and I'm not sure how to stop that. Or maybe I shouldn't, maybe I should find my motivation and keep moving until I collapse, or at least feel like I've acomplished more than I have. I get so lost trying to figure out what to think. Oh well, it's a constant struggle I guess. ; ) I read my friend B's blog (yes, another holla for B!) and she talked about a similar issue. She seemed to be able to let go of the guilt, why can't I? Live and learn I guess. ; )

So anyway, I think that's all, it's nearly 12:30am so I supposed I should go to bed and hope I have another great dream like last night. I just hope I start earlier so I can enjoy the dream instead of having my alarm wake me up in the middle of it!!!

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  1. Don't feel guilty.
    Gee isn't that easy :)
    It has taken a long time, and I still feel guilty sometimes.
    But honestly love, you can't take care of anything if you don't take care of yourself and sometimes that means zoning out.
    Sounds to me like you still spent the majority of the weekend working your ass off so stop beating yourself up about it.