Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Just another day

Well I'm still exhausted, but not nearly as horny. My neighbor must have gone to work today because he's not outside to stare at. I've decided I just need one really great night of passion to relieve some of the stress in my life right now. Just one heated night of pure lust and get it out of my system for awhile. Yeah, that would be nice.

I've been a very angry person here lately. I'm not sure what my problem is. I think it's a combination of everything going on in my life. My two best friends seem to be spending less and less time with me. I'm a little depressed about that. I'm not sure what's happening or what's going on, maybe I've turned into a bad friend. But I listen to them, I get involved and I let them vent whenever they want. Maybe it's my mood that is shying them away right now, maybe it's the fact that I'm always working, but is a quick phone call too much to ask? I've made some phone calls myself but no answers, I think I'm going to try again tonight.

My hectic non sleeping life right now has made me one bitchy boy. It's no wonder people don't like to hang out with me the whole 1/2 hour I'm available! ; )

Well anyway, that's all for today

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