Sunday, August 26, 2007


Hotels are magical, I love hotels. Hotels are a place away from life, away from the stress, away from your everyday life. Hotels allow you to take a break from your life. A place you don't have to clean, a place you don't have to tidy up, a place you can just relax. It's a place away from life.

I fall asleep so much easier when I'm not in my familiar surroundings. I listen to the sounds of the air conditioner or heater, it's the only sounds I hear. The light coming from under the door from the hallway giving me a sense a security. T.V. that I don't normally watch. Weather and news in a strange and unfamiliar place. Wondering what life is like for these people. Eating take out, eating in a restaurant, letting someone else cook for you.

A place for our family to be together. Partly because we are forced to share these quarters, but in my family that's when it was even better than good. We acted differently, we bonded all over again, we play cards and talk like we don't normally talk. We experience new things together, we are able to swim in pools, soak in hot tubs, play video games. It's a time where you can be someone else.

Hotels are filled with mystery, who was there before you, who will be there after you? Who is in the next room, what kind of adventure are they on? What have these walls seen? What kind of people stay in this room?

Hotels are a break from life, a break from your own reality.

I love hotels.

I miss staying in them more often.

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