Friday, February 4, 2011

I wonder....

So lately I've been picking things up in conversations and something came across my mind....

Many times in many conversations with many different types of people when someone is excited about something or talks a lot about something many people perceive them as "fake" or getting excited just for the sake of getting excited. The pessimism is astounding, and not just from other people, I find myself doing the same thing. It could be about music, or their job, or religion, or anything really. I wonder sometimes if we are so pessimistic and assume fakeness because we don't have something to be so passionate about?

Many people become so passionate about things that their bodies and their minds just exude passion for whatever that topic may be. Could it really be that the observers just don't understand it because we don't have a similar passion in our lives?

What are you passionate about? Are you so passionate that people could think you're being fake about it?



  1. I'm passionate about a lot of different things at any given time. The problem is, I also tend to be a bit flaky from time to time, so I end up moving on to the next "shiny" thing that comes into view.

    I'm passionate about music. I may not know a lot, theory-wise, but I know it has the ability to move me and others. I struggle to walk the line with the choir in creating a moving experience for our listeners, yet not being so manipulative as to fabricate emotion.

    I'm passionate about my flowers.

    I'm passionate about my family. They drive me crazy, but if they are in danger or threatened, I'm like a mongoose...

    I'm also passionate about friends, but once there is that bond, they're pretty much like family anyway (see above).

    Hugs. I meese choo!

  2. You know, I've been thinking about this post for days. Because I hide my passion. Because I think other people are annoyed by it. I've been called the weird girl so long I just accept that it's true and every thing I do is wrong.
    I also am immediately skeptical of other people being passionate, I also don't trust that people are as kind as they say they are. I think they go home and talk about me (and others) and tear them down. Even people I've known for a long time I just don't trust that they are who they say they are.
    In some ways I blame the myriad of people that have had their true selves revealed after years (and decades) of deceipt. But I'm also having to take responsibility for not cultivating relationships which can discourage people from investing in my life.
    Ugh. Freakin relationships.