Monday, June 28, 2010


The following is a PSA Announcement

When the lighting strikes a power line and shorts out the power to three restaurants, it's not their fault.  The employees nor the manager can magically turn the power back on just because you're hungry.  They also have no legal responsibility to find you a restaurant that does have power just because you're too lazy to cook for yourself.  It is not necessary to swear at these people as they have enough issues of their own to deal with, helping you with your non existent problems is not part of their job descriptions. 

While we're at it, let me say this as well.......if the dining room is filled with smoke it is not necessary for each of the 50 customers in line to mention it to the employees, in case you didn't notice, the entire kitchen is filled with smoke as well.  That guy in the back that is coughing, on the phone and messing with the breakers in the back? Yeah, that's the manager and he's doing the best he can.  If you do not enjoy eating in a smoke filled dining room I suggest you either get your food to go or just leave all together because as long as you are there ordering your food and interupting the manager to complain is not getting the problem fixed any sooner. 

I think that's all for the PSA announcements today.  It also describes my evening.

I find it hilarious that our management teams contains 5 people......non of which has the ability to stay calm in a crisis.  The storms this year have been a little on the crazy side and very frequent around here and every time a storm comes around my phone starts going off.  Each time the situation is the same....a hysterical manager on the other end of the line not knowing what to do and how to handle the situation.  Seriously?  Tonight it was a simple thunder storm, I was sitting in the office with my general manager who has been with the company for 26 years and has had meetings on how to handle different situations that may arise.  Well anyway the storm is getting loud and then suddenly lightning strikes and lights up our dining room and as the thunder cracks at the same time, our power goes out. 

At the same time there is a collective scream from the crew and the general manager jumps and grabs hold of me while screaming.  Everyone starts freaking and she asks me what we should do?  I just laughed, seriously?  The same thing we do every time this happens, lock the doors and shut off the equipment.  I wonder sometimes how things get done when I'm not there.  I'm not the end all be all of managers, but they seem to rely on me a bit too much.  Oh well, 30 more days, and I have a feeling they will fly by.

That's really all I have right now, it's so hot outside, I keep losing my motivation to finish packing and have so many things to get done in the next 30 days that I'm losing my mind.  My brother wants to have a going away party but looking at his schedule and my schedule I'm not seeing it happen, so we'll see what happens.  I decided I don't really need one anyway.  Some people from work are taking me out on Tuesday and I want to plan a couple of special days with some people I'm really going to miss, but other than that, I've seen my family and will see them just as much after I move so there isn't any reason to get crazy about it.  I'm all about just slipping out of town quietly and moving on with my life.

This weekend was my class reunion.  I went back and forth over the last 6 months about whether or not I'd be going.  Last week I finally decided if I was having so much stress about seeing these people again, is it really worth it?  I decided not to go, and after hearing the reports about it, I didn't miss anything as it was the people I figured it would be and turned out just as I thought, a waste of time.

I thought about what I would say to answer the typical questions.....I'm not married, I just sold my business at a loss, about to quit my job and move even though I have no job lined up as of yet, still fat, single and no kids.  It didn't sound like something I wanted to go through.  It sounds like I'm pretty miserable and nothing has changed much from high school but what I find so funny is that isn't who I am, I don't even know that guy from high school anymore.  Conversations with people I consider strangers don't include things like I accepted the fact that I'm gay and that makes me really happy, I discovered it's o.k. to be who I am and that made me happy, I discovered what true friends are and figured out who they are and am so thrilled about that.  They don't always include the fact that I struggled with my relationship with God for so long, hated people for no reason, was filled with anger and rage but all that has passed, I'm not that person anymore.  I've been on a path of self discovery and realized I really don't care what those people think of me.  I don't care what they think about my choices in life in how I do things or the people I talk to, or the things I care about.  When I realized all these things I figured out I didn't need to see these people again.

These people who made nearly 12 years of my life miserable, these people who couldn't have cared less about me for the first 18 years of my life, and I'm supposed to go and put on some kind of show like I care what they've been doing now?  Let them feel better about pretending to care about what I've been up to all these years later?  Yeah, I discovered I just didn't care enough, and honestly I'm happy with that decision.  I was only sad when I saw the pictures and saw one of my good friends from high school was there that I tried to track down so many times but always got her information shortly after she moved again.  I was sad until I figured out I've been pretty easy to find and she's never come looking for me.   Sometimes I just have to let go of the past.

I'm 1000 times happier now than I was then, so why would I want to go backwards?  Yeah, I totally made the right decision.  :)

So anyway, I should go to bed, I have the next two days off and I plan on actually being productive.

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  1. Being productive? Now there's a novel idea!

    I'm kind of with you on the whole reunion thing. I think I've got one coming up next summer, and I'm just not really into it!

    Enjoy the next month, P! I'm sure it will absolutely fly by!!!

    (Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog!)