Monday, June 7, 2010

Dear Patty

Dear Patty,
I won't stretch the truth at all.  You and I hardly knew each other.  I met you because you were married to a kind man that worked with my boss.  Your husband saw something in me that my boss didn't see and honestly I had a hard time seeing in me, a good honest hardworking employee, and friend.  Your husband is a very kind man who tried time and time again to build me up and show me that I didn't deserve the treatment I was receiving.

This kind man introduced me to you several years ago and from moment one I could tell you two were made for each other.  You had joy and kindness radiating from you.  From the moment I met you and you hugged me I could feel the love you carried for everyone you met, I felt kindness and hope from you.  The conversations we shared from then on out I took to heart.  I listened to every word you said and tried to implant them into my head because you were filled with honesty and were genuine in everything you did and said.

The way you took me in and listened to everything I had to say and showed me that life was more than corporate offices and more than earning a pay check meant so much to me.  The times we went out with everyone and you included me in every conversation and never made me feel alone when we were out meant so much to me, you seemed to know when I needed that.  You opened your home to me and welcomed me every time you saw me and treated me like family.

Your words of wisdom are ones I still hold dear.  You made me feel like someone, that I mattered in life and no matter how Bob made me feel, that it didn't matter in who I was or in the grand scheme of things, or in life in general.  I can never express to you in words how you made me feel when ever you were around.  You and your husband's friendship shed light in what I consider some of the darkest days in my life so far.

I'm angry I didn't get to know you better, that we didn't get to spend more time together because I know there is more I could have learned from you.  The people at your house today, the people gathered in your little piece of heaven truly loved you.  You have touched so many people and changed so many lives.  I am sad that your life was taken so suddenly and in such a painful tragic way, but I know you lived every moment and I know that Heaven is that much better now that you are there.

I was not surprised to hear that you flew to Florida days after your second surgery to remove the tumors from your lungs to spend time with your second parents on their last days on earth.  I was not surprised to hear that you adopted another 6 cats and their kittens after I left Michigan even though you didn't really care for cats.  I was not surprised to hear how you turned a benefit that was supposed to be for you into a fund raiser for another cancer fighter you met at the hospital, and managed to raise nearly $10k for the family.  You were that kind of person and I am honored that I got to know you, for however short amount of time.

I'm sorry I never had a chance to tell you this in person.  I take solace in the peace you found in your death and I'm forever grateful for you.  I did not mourn your death today just as you wished, but instead joined with the others there for you today and celebrated what was a wonderful and giving life.  To know you was to love you.

I will miss you always.

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