Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Please define productivity please.

So, I said in my last post I was hoping to be productive.  Well here is what my day turned into, it says a lot about my horrible eating, and so much more about me. lol.  I'll start with my to do list.

To Do (AM)
-go with julio to pick up computer in Toledo because of shipping issues

-Get boxes organized in Dining Room and bring down stuff from the attic
-grocery shopping

-cook dinner
-watch movie

Sounds like a simple plan, a productive yet not overplanned day right?  Well it's not how it ended up.

Got to julio's house at 8:00am, rode to Toledo to pick up the computer at Fed Ex compound.....had to find it first. lol.  We decided to stop at Bass Pro Shops so I could see the place and check out any camping gear I might want for my next camping trip. 

We spend an hour looking at everything, trying on sun glasses, just having a good time with dumb jokes and fun humor.

Head back to his house to set up the new computer, spend a little bit out there talking and working on the computer.  I'm starving and julio doesn't do lunch.  He asks what I'm doing the rest of the day and I tell him cleaning out my attic, he decides he's bored and wants to help.

I head to my house while he plays on his computer a bit so I could have time to grab some lunch.  I stop by BK for a small sandwich to get my stomach to stop rumbling as I have no food at home.

I get home eat my sandwich while catching up on facebook, email, etc...  Julio shows up and we get to work. 

Turns out there wasn't that much in the attic so we get it sorted it out and talked schedule of moving and such, moving things to his house and moving everything else to Cinci. 

Julio decides the jungle that is my backyard needed to be tamed.  We head out to the garage to get the lawn mower and weed wacker.  We discover the buyer has taken over my garage and I have a melt down.

After calming down we dig the tools out we need and he starts mowing and I start trimming.  We continue at this for about an hour and then I decide to move my stuff out of the garage and cram it into my house and storage building to get it out of the garage and avoid all arguments with the buyer because it wasn't worth my energy anymore.  We take a moment because for some reason moving my stuff out of that garage, as well as packing it up awhile ago brings on depression.  I have no idea why the garage of all places does that, but it's the part of the building that brings it out of me.

So we get everything moved out and close it up.  We came into the house to cool down and talk a bit more while I reply to some emails and look some things up on the net. 

It's now 4 o'clock.  I had a time set up with the buyer to train him on my prized recipe at 4:30.  I help julio load his truck with some burnables and the neighbor is outside mowing (shirtless by the way.....yumm) so we go over and start talking to him and the family for a bit.  The buyer comes over to say he's ready to start so I head over to the kitchen from hell.  The kitchen was so hot from the prettles and the lack of air conditioning we were both sweating instantly.  I show him the process and we talk and laugh and talk through a couple of issues and by 6 o'clock I'm headed back to my apartment............only after he gave me the signed contracts! (YEAH!)

I decide to get the bottle of champaigne  I had been saving and decide to go see my parents who have also been waiting for the contract and decide to share the event.  I get to my parents house and find that they hadn't returned from their trip yet so I sit and talk with my sister and catch up with her for awhile.  I decide I'll head to the grocery store when I was done there to get some food in my house.

As I'm getting ready to leave and head to the grocery store (now 8:30) and my stomach growels, my cell phone rings. It's my aunt and uncle talking about the house.  Turns out they have found some more inspiration and wondered if I had time to talk with them.  I tell them sure, so I run the champagne home and print out some of the plans we were working on, grab their file and my supplies and head out to their house.

It's now 9 o'clock.

I sit and talk with them and we sort out a lot of issues and I finally wrangle them into some pretty concrete decisions, something I've been trying to do for 2 years now.  We all feel good about the direction of the plans and decide to call it a night. 

I get in my car and head up town, look at the clock and it's now 11 o'clock. I have no more energy to even consider going to the grocery store so I drive on by and go and grab a sandwich and head home. 

Seriously, I'm still confused as to whether or not I was productive or not. lol.  If you look at my to do list, no I wasn't really productive, but I kind of was.  My days always end up like this, I do realize some of this is totally my fault because sometimes I just can't stop talking, and I have a hard time saying no.....(that could be taken more than one way.......how YOU doin?)

Productive or not.......I still have no food in my house lol.  My list for tomorrow does include a trip to get groceries fairly early in the day....hopefully before noon. lol.  Julio is busy tomorrow, so that will help.


o.k. have a good night/day, whatever it might be when you grace my blog with your presence. :)

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