Saturday, March 14, 2009

That's real mature

It's real mature of you to one minute call me family and then three weeks later avoid me like the plague. You are thirty feet from me in your office removing your office furniture and send your wife to come borrow a screw driver. Seriously? What did I do that was so awful that you can't even speak to me? What did I do that was so awful that you don't even want to be near me? Everyone keeps telling me you just need time to come to terms with what YOU did before you can find comfort in your friends again. Seems to me you've been talking to everyone else except me.

Was it because your wife cornered me into telling her that I was there the night you met up with this girl? Did you bother to notice I did not even begin to mention the other things that happened and the other things I saw that night? I didn't tell the rest because it would have only made a bad situation worse. She knew you'd been contacting her for months, so what I told her was not anything new. What did she say about me when I wasn't there? I can only imagine.

Well if this is how you want to play, I can play too. Tonight when you're done moving your office furniture, I'm putting the new lock on your door into my store. I only allow my friends over to tab things when I'm not here, people I trust and people that are man enough to talk to me. You no longer get that privilege, I'm not going to sit around and be taken advantage of when you aren't man enough to even talk to me. Fuck you, find another sucker.

You aren't the man I once thought you were. You aren't even half that man. Your gleaming eyes, your fast talking ways, and your looks sucked me into your vortex of happy go lucky we're all family routine. I'm wiser now, I can see through that crap now and while you may have your wife fooled now of who you are, I know better. You were never a friend at all.

While this whole situation has me raging with anger, on the inside I'm crying. I'm deeply hurt and devastated that I allowed you into my life without realizing who you really were. To prove to myself that I really don't know people and the trust I've lost because of this is disabling. I don't know what this is going to do to future friendships, but like I said in the last post....I'm better off without you, but it sure doesn't make the hurt go away.

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