Monday, March 9, 2009

Just a prayer

I've edited this post because after sleeping for a night I realized it's not at all how I wanted to sound. I'm just going to keep this short.

I'm just asking for prayer for my father who just got laid off after 30 years, it will be for only three months which we are grateful for, but it will be a hard time for my parents.

Also for a customer of mine John who just found out he has cancer is entering in to a very scary time in his life, and he's a wonderful caring human being.

That is all.

thank you.


  1. God I come to you on behalf of Pete, his father, and his friend John. Father I call on you as the Great Physician to completely heal John of his cancer. Please keep your hand on John, Pete, and Pete's dad during these times. Comfort them and assure them that you are a good and big God that has promised to provide for us and sustain us in all times. Father I thank you for the small mercies, good friends, families that are close and supportive. Thank you God that Pete's dad is only out of work for a small amount of time. Please bring peace to him and Pete's mom as they work out finances and re-adjust their lives for the "new normal".
    Father, we know that true peace, the peace that surpasses understanding comes from knowing you and resting in your arms. I ask that you just cover Pete, his mom and dad, and John with that peace so they may know that all things are possible through you. Thank you God and in your Sons name I ask all these things.

  2. Standing in agreement with you and Beth according to God's Word, through Jesus.