Sunday, January 4, 2009

The month of December

What a month, I already blogged my updates on my other blog, I don't really want to recant them all over again, and since about the only people that know about this blog already know about the other, I can post the link. For those that only read this blog, and I've discovered one or two of them, shhhhh.....I'm in the closet.

Not that is should be a shock, but anyway.

The dinner party I spoke about both on this blog and the other blog was so fascinating. Tracey and Doug were a freaking riot! They've been together for 14 years, they just amaze me. They share a last name because as Tracey said, back then gay rights weren't a big deal, and also non existent so Tracey just went in and legally changed his last name to Doug's last name. Tracey said they put both their names on everything so if one dies the other one is already the legal owner of whatever it is they own. He said they are very cautious about the decisions they make and have to think about the legal repercussions of what they do. I had an interesting conversation with them about that, Tracey said in this little town they have to really think about things like that. They recently bought a business together and have been accepted in the community of the business, and that really blew my mind away. The business is in a smaller community than what we live in already!

It was quite the conversations I had, two gay couples telling me about their lives, neither one believe in covering anything up or lying to people. I just can't even recant what all was said and the profound impact it had on my mind and in my heart. I'm pretty sure at least one of the couple's know I'm gay, but I never said it, I will someday, but it just wasn't the time.

Just wasn't the time, how many times have I written that over the last year? About a dozen come to mind, when will that end? When will I be able to stop typing that? I'm so tired of somedays and eventually. But while the business is still mine, things are too touchy and they balance on the head of pin, so I do what I have to for now.

Alright, I waited so long to update this blog that I'm running out of steam, it's time for bed. This one will have to wait for another day.


  1. Not all of us are big 'ole fairys, after all!

    I'm glad you have some "grounded" friends you can hang out and be yourself around.