Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Teaching this old dog some new tricks.

After I moved down here I found things were changing, not the obvious things like scenery, who I talk to daily, etc... but my eating habits.

I always assumed they would change because I eat differently when I live with someone. When someone is there I feel they judge me, I know it's not true, but as long as I keep believing it it keeps me in check. lol.

What I didn't see coming was my appetite. I'm really starting to pay attention to eating only when I'm hungry, and you know what I figured out? I'm not hungry that often. This has led to eating less often and eating less in general, I found it doesn't require as much food to fill me up. I still battle at times from trying to eat too much if the food is good, but I'm getting there. I also have to try and rethink what I order at restaurants because I tried to order what I normally order and can hardly bring myself to finish half of it.

It seems to be paying off. My belts used to be for decoration, purely there "just in case", but now they are being used because without them all the pants I own fall off of me just by walking. It's not a ton of weight yet, but it's a start, the pants I had to buy for work were 1 size down from what I normally buy so it keeps me motivated. Now if I can get excersize more often it might just start to go faster. lol. I'll take what I can get though, even small victories are still victories.

So for any of you that don't know yet the update on the business is as follows. The liquor license has officially been transfered and assuming the bank is ready for Friday we'll be able to close this deal on Friday!!! Finally after 9 months of working this deal, it's finally coming to a close!!! I can't wait to sign that thing over and transfer the utilities, oh what a relief that will be!!

So anyway that's the update. :)


  1. Woot! Woot! Woot!!!

    Awesome post! Me so happy!

  2. They say it's about 10 pounds difference between sizes. So you've at least lost that much. You're face is just so thin now!
    I can't wait to come home :(

  3. Ya know, I was wondering if you had lost weight when I saw you. I wasn't sure if it was since move or what since I hadn't sen you in a year. :-) And I'm on the same journey as you. I've lost a pound a day since I got back from Ohio. Eating less and exercise. Granted my exercise is just walking, but for me, that's a lot.

    When you start working the call center, you'll want to walk or some sort of activity when you get home. Or at least, I always did. Sitting at a desk all day was just draining me of all energy. Who knew exercise provides you with energy? haha!

    Keep up the good choices!
    Luv you!