Thursday, September 16, 2010

A different light

So the last post really started to bother me, I've reread it several times and besides the awful gram er in some of it and the use of words that probably don't exist (lol) I realized that I may have painted my parents in a bad light. It is not that my parents have never celebrated these moments in my life, it's not that they haven't joined me in the joy of the moment, it's more that my mother has severe anxiety when it comes to crowds. Not just crowds of people that she doesn't know, crowds of people in general, family included.

There are always reasons for not having parties, or celebrations, usually a lack of time or lack of money so that's why I told myself to get over it. Many times it was I that kept putting off a party until I had the money and then I would just give up after waiting so long. The last post was written from a very self centered place and a place I hate to visit, especially when there is so much good happening in my life. :)

My new job is finally going to happen. I won't start for another month yet but I'm so excited. They sent an offer letter laying out the benefits, expectations, and schedule and such and I just kept reading and rereading because I kept waiting for a catch. I have had what I find out to be so many bad jobs. It's not like the jobs were bad, but the companies really lacked an appreciation for their employees. It's so strange to see all these options and benefits available to employees, is this really how it's supposed to be? It's just so out of my norm, but it's so exciting!

My current job has been going well also. The people are really nice, the job is easy and for the most part keeps me busy enough that time passes fairly quickly. The management seems to like me and appreciate me, with the exception of them being rather homophobic (not to a dangerous degree thankfully) everything seems to be going well. I have been really contemplating staying on and keeping it as a second job. I hate the thought of quitting after such a short time and I like the job and I always like to have a back-up, just-in case.

Before anyone starts getting fired up about the last couple of statements in that sentence, I have decided I don't need a second job and would like to try living a normal life. I like the idea of having time off, a normal schedule and not overbooked with everything. I figure if I leave on a good note I can always go back if I were to ever need to. Of course, this isn't Nappy town there are more jobs than just one. lol. It's hard to get past all of that.

I do have a post or two that I'm working on but aren't ready yet, I just didn't want to keep looking at that last post because it was bothering me. The past is the past, they call it history for a reason (you know, that doesn't even really make sense to me. lol.) Anyway, that's all for today, I'm looking forward to the future and the possibilities that it contains. :)

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  1. Pete, if you ever get to Portland, I'll throw you a party... it may just be you and me, but it will still be a party.