Monday, April 12, 2010

Rumors from the underbelly of a small town.

So I heard tonight that I fell madly in love with a gay stripper in Cincinnati and that's why I sold the store and I'm moving down there so we can be together.


um......yeah, that was my first reaction as well.  Perhaps this would be a good time for a sidebar.....huh?

So S is involved and chats frequently in the "under the radar" gay society of this little town.  The people who don't use names or send pictures because too many people know them and they hold positions in town and would be destroyed if they were to be found out.  Together we have pieced together the identity of several of their members, but he told me the latest started asking about me because I have been seen spending time with S in the past and he recently heard this rumor and wanted to know which way I swing to see if the rumor was true. 

I died laughing.  I guess I have developed quite a reputation in this society by who I'm spending time with.  My friendships with Ron and Norm, my friendships with Tracey and Doug.....they have all been noticed and recorded, and also has granted my automatic membership into this society.  I find it hilarious, S told this guy he had no idea which way I swang and told him the rumor was far from being true...well except for the Cincinnati part of it. lol. 

I of course had to get reassurance from S why they were asking.  I told him that if they wanted to hang out with me to give them my number because if this person is who we think he is, sneaking around would be so terribly easy. lol.  I've been checking this guy out for years, mostly because I can walk to his back door in less than two minutes. lol.  He has taken notice of quite a bit which is how we think we are able identify him, and I've suspected for as long as I've known him that he was gay.  He works for a catholic church so I can understand the hiding, but the whole situation is just so hilarious.

As I told S, if I had a hot stripper I was in love with waiting for me, I doubt I would have waited this long to leave. lol.

Oh there are times I'm going to really miss this place, it's just so hilarious at times!!!


  1. Oh my! How positively scandalous!!!

    Sounds to me like the guys in this little secret society need to stop watching soaps all day and spend some time in the sun!!!

    The closet can do crazy things to people sometimes!

    Love ya! (Seriously though, when can I meet this stripper boyfriend? Is it hot neighbor?)


    (But you are madly in love with me aren't you Mr. Poppadoppalous?)

  3. Of course my dear. :) Madly in love doesn't even begin to cover it.

    Jake, when I meet him you'll be the first on the list after that. lol.