Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A great Birthday

My birthday was quiet, calm and fantastic.  I was up late the night before getting my place clean and set up for the appraisal so I was really tired when I got up at 7:30 in the morning to start my day. I had just fallen into bed about 3:30am.  But I got up, got some coffee in me and met the appraiser at the door and spent 1/2 hour taking her through the building talking about the renovations and things we did to improve the quality of the building.  It went well, she left and then I headed out with my brother to get some plumbing supplies to replace a water line in my basement so my water would be drinkable again. While out and about I helped him shop for a new dryer as his died and he needed a new one.

It was a nice time out with my bro.  I came home made some awesome quesadillas for lunch and then laid down for a 1/2 hour nap and then headed to the city to meet with an old friend of mine I only see once or twice a year.  We got to catch up, she took me to a fantastic Lebanese restaurant for dinner and then we talked more before I finally left. 

I had never told her I was gay, it never really came up in our conversations.  I knew she wouldn't have a problem with it so I wasn't afraid, it just never came up.  Last night she wanted to hear about my night out the other night for my birthday celebration, and it came up.  I didn't have a formal announcement or anything to her, here was the short end of the conversation:

Her: "So where did you go the other night for your birthday?"

Me: Oh we went to a little bar and saw some male strippers

Her: Oh, wait, did you say male strippers?

Me: Yeah, I wouldn't be a very good gay man if I saw female strippers for my birthday

Her: Silent, stunned.

Her silence lasted for about 2 seconds and then she got a big smile on her face and gave me a high five......really? A high five?  I laughed as she asked if it was alright that she wasn't surprised at all.  I told her it was fine and she wasn't the first to say she wasn't surprised.  We spent quite a bit of time talking about it.  Not a nosy gross sort of conversation, but purely academically.  She said there were questions she always wanted to ask, but never had anyone close enough to her to talk about it with.  It was all very great, she's such a wonderful person.

One question she posed: If you haven't really "been" with a guy, how do you know you are gay?  My response to that question was very easy...."Before you had sex the first time with a guy.....how did you know you were straight?"  She responded with....."I don't know, it was just natural" and then she had the aha moment I was waiting for.  It was a great conversation and she said she was just so excited for me.  It was just a wonderful evening of conversation.  We laughed so much and got caught up and just talked about life.  I had such a great time I drove home with such a feeling of being loved, I couldn't help but pray and thank God for all the wonderful people he's brought into my life, how blessed I am to know everyone that I hold so dear in my life, it was a great ending to a perfect day.

That's all really. I'm going out tonight to celebrate a coworker and I's birthday.  I don't have great expectations for the evening because I'm not feeling it, but that will probably change in a few hours when I get ready to go.  I'm just getting tired and need some rest to recharge after all these celebrations. lol.

Love you guys!!

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