Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Random Thoughts similar to deep thoughts, only not as deep.

The zoning board approved the changes unanimously tonight so the deal is moving again.  Friday is the meeting with the lawyer and I'm awaiting a phone call from the appraiser to set up a time to get the appraisal done.  There is still a nagging feeling in the back of my head but it's starting to feel right.

There are moments in my life, they don't come too often when everything seems like it's leading to something....something great.  When I'm confident in my decisions and the direction I'm headed.  I always wonder if it's a sign that I'm coming around to the idea......or perhaps it's just in those moments where the chemicals in my head are fully balanced and that's what people feel like all the time.  Eh, I guess we'll see. lol.

So I saw a trailer for Sex in the City 2 movie. When it first started I kept thinking they should have just let it end at the last movie, and then I saw him..........John Corbet....he's  I'm hopeless.

So the plans for my birthday seem to be moving forward.  We're working on a vehicle and a driver.  It's looking like I may be the driver........seriously?  Oh well, at least I know I won't get carried away with drinking. lol.  Just not sure of the guest list.  It's me, two of my friends and 5 people I hardly know.  There is a part of me that wishes my closest friends could go, or wanted to go. I know they love me, so no worries, it just seems I don't seem to go out with them as much as I would like because they all have families.  Oh well, the life of a single guy in his thirties.

Well I think that's all for today.  If I sound down at all, I'm really not, it just seems to be the way I write.  Maybe my fingers need some medication as well?  Hmmm......... could that be the next million dollar idea?


Um yeah, so I totally posted this to the wrong blog!  I can't stop giggling about that. 

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  1. You're just a big goofball!

    But a big goofball who may be moving soon!!!