Sunday, July 13, 2008

What a clear minded weekend!

Oh I just had such a wonderful weekend!!

Things finally fell into place early this past week that allowed me to go to Cinci. for the weekend, I never thought I'd make there after everything that has happened with my car and store, I just never thought I'd make it down there, but I did. Things just fell into place so I knew it was meant to happen. The help came through (and did an awesome job I might add....10 hours and only two phone calls, how great!) and my car, people were worried, but it got over 30 mpg, so one tank of gas got me down there, back and will be enough to get back an forth to Wendy's this week, which is good because it cost me a fortune to fill up!

Friday Bethany and I caught up, caused some rumors in her complex because we were out at her car blowing up an air matress ontop of the car! It was hilarious as always. But we caught up and chilled for a bit, she was exhausted, she's had a VERY long couple of weeks, so then she crashed and I drifted off to a peaceful and relaxing sleep watching t.v. Saturday morning we slept in and ran some errands she had to run, which I must say, errands are ALWAYS more fun with company, especially when the two of us get together! We just create more inside jokes that will last for years to come. ;) "Jeeves! Get me my supper!" "My name is Mike.." "Jeeves, I don't pay you talk back to me!" SNORT! Good times good times.

Saturday night we met up with tony and his new girlfriend, well new to me anyway! We went to dinner at this little hole in the wall Greek place with a great gyro that ranks in my top five! It was good! Then we ended the evening with some beers and Yatzee! I did my best on the last game, but Sarah was just too good, she won 2 out of 3 games, with bethany showing us how it was done on the first game. It was a winning night for the ladies. Then Bethany and I got soaked leaving. Seems I was so worried about storms happening up here at the store, when the didn't even hit here, they hit us down there!!! That's just weird! :) Then we went back and played some more super mario brothers and then she crashed and I spent some quality time swearing at Mario on my own. I forget how much I love that game!

Sunday we went to church, which being my second time there was much more comfortable, I knew what to expect, I knew a few of the people, and it was just more relaxed this time around, I enjoyed it. Then more Mario and then Tony joined us for a picnic at the Metro Park, it was great. It was such a beautiful day, you couldn't ask for better weather for a great picnic! Then Bethany and I drove around checking out houses on her list, I think we found one that she's pretty excited about, and found some pretty high priced ones that were SO not worth what they were asking. I mean seriously, the one was a nice house, but the street went through a strip mall, not along side, seriously THROUGH the strip mall and was surrounded by commercial property, it was not good. But the one she found is really nice, I can't wait to hear more about it.

The drive home today was filled with moments of clarity. It was then that I figured out my new direction, the direction I need to be headed. I can't assign it a timeline as there are many things out of my control, but I know the direction I'm headed. I spent over an hour with my parents tonight talking about the conclusions I've come to as of late and they are in full support and I think are a bit excited. I'm a little freaked out, but it is a good decision based on clear thoughts. After I figure out more and things are a little more concrete I'll fill ya in, but for now it will have to remain a mystery. I forgot just how clearing a 3 hour drive can be. I actually feel hopeful again, and look forward to the future again.

Well I came up with a few more blog topics on my way home, but don't have the time before bed to get them out, and tomorrow I'll probably forget about them, but maybe not. Well that's all!!

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