Sunday, July 27, 2008

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July 2008
The bad economy has been making itself evident in sales. Things are tight and the building is having issues.

We are working on having the roof repaired this fall, it's expensive, but will allow me to finish the projects inside, and hopefully transform the space finally.

We are down to some major projects, but we are having to take them one by one until the roof is fixed and I find more money.

The most recent addition to the store, well at least part of the store for now is Central Air!!! After this next week we will be cooling the store finally after about 100 years, it will be nice and I think the customers will appreciate it, if not, at least I know I will be! ;)

We are still working towards a big open house this winter, but it will depend on what we can get finished in the store. We are hoping to rejuvinate it before christmas, it would be a nice change.

There are big plans, but unless we find more customers I'm not sure how much we'll get done. So come on in and shop!

Our deli beats everyone in town by approx. $2-$4/ lb. in pricing. Come check it out, our Beer is at State minimum pricing so there is great finds there too!

That's all really, we're just preping for the fair, only two more weeks and it will be here, be sure to stop in and check us out!

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