Thursday, July 10, 2008

general updates

So here's just a run down of things of lately, because there is just too much. I signed my contract with AFLAC yesterday to be an independent agent of their products, by Monday all the paperwork will be complete and I can start making money. Yeah!

The truck I went and looked at a P.O.S., I was very disappointed, and pissed when I realized my car was dead. My car needed a new battery, a new alternator, and as of yesterday new brakes for the back. I'm sunk WAY too much money into this things lately, and the transmission is still broke. ARG. I continue my search for the right inexpensive truck.

I've been rather grouchy lately, well lets face it, I've been a prick to a ton of people lately, so I haven't blogged, I didn't think everyone needed to see that side of me, although the closer you get the more likely that is to happen.

But good things are coming, I'm starting to feel it, maybe not always with the business, but me. This weekend everything FINALLY fell into place for a trip out of town. I finally am taking a Saturday off, I really can't afford it, but I also can't afford not to, you know? So I'll be headed down to Cinci on Friday night for a fun filled weekend with TB and Tony! Woot! It's gonna be a blast! Oh I can't wait to hit the road.

I'm sure there are things I need to say, but right now I'm not focused, so I'll have to blog again later sometime, I just wanted to give some brief updates.

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  1. Yay for updates! Update more often!

    (says the woman who doesn't blog)