Tuesday, January 29, 2008

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What a lovely weekend!! I just reviewd my last blog to see how long it's been, and it hasn't been that long! Woot! Go me. ; )

So this weekend I worked on Friday, big surprise, but it was pretty painless. Had a decent night so I can't complain. It started out pretty rough, but it did get better so I should just shut up. But it does bring up some interesting points I'd like to rant and rave about, but I'll save that for blogger. Let me just break it down for you on here. Fast Food was not designed to be the most amazing bountiful pleasent experience everyone seems to think it should be. These drama filled teenagers are paid $7/hour to work after a full day of drama filled school and serve cheap food to ungrateful people who are usually pretty nasty. If you don't recieve a smile, get over it. Take your $1.98 worth of food and go home and get over it. I'm sorry we didn't do cartwheels in your honor, or put up a plaque for the $1.98 you just spent and bitched about too. They do their jobs, take your food, go home and leave us alone. They freakin teenagers for crying out loud!!!! $1.98 does not buy you 5 star service, it will get you $1.98 worth of service, it's a fact of life, learn to deal with it.

O.K. so anyway, Saturday was a pertty boring day around here. We got a very large portion of the store painted, but no one will know until it's done, but the nosey people sure feel they have a right to know what's happening, but I don't tell them. ; ) Then after a long excrusiating night of the store I closed up and went to dinner with Free and Charro to Don Pablos in Toledo. If one thing could make a great dinner better....it's eating it with great friends. ; ) Had a good time, came back and chilled on the sofa with them for a bit until they went home. Then I did some computer junk and went to bed. Not really exciting, but it was nice.

Sunday I actually got up and went to church. I was very proud of myself. Church was actually very good, many of my usual strange church feelings weren't there this week so all was good. Went to dinner with the folks and then cleaned my bedroom. I moved furniture finally, two years with the furniture in one place is too much for me. I'm so happy with it!!! If only I could do that good of a job with the living room! I'm working on it, it's a work in progress. The bedroom though feels so much bigger and cleaner and brighter and I feel so much better about it! Woot! go me! Then I ended the day by going to work, oh joy, oh rapture. But it was an alright night. Pretty slow, but we got done and got out of there.

That was pretty much the weekend rap up, how sad. ; ) It's o.k. it was good for me. lol.

Today has been pretty dull, but I think we've got alot of planning done for the latest space we're working on. Now I just need money. I need to knock off a liquor store I think. hmmm.....nah, not worth it.

The bowling team I sponsor got first place in a tournament!!! I'm very excited and yet I keep wondering how it is that we got last place in the first half of leagues. hmmm..... I'm hoping they are warmed up now and ready to bowl! I am quickly backing myself out of the league, it costs me so much money the weeks I bowl and I suck, it just takes the fun out of it! Oh well, they'll be fine, I might bowl one or two more weeks yet this season, but we'll see.

Well that's really all there is too it. I'm not a very exciting person. Sorry to bore you. ; ) Maybe someday I'll have something fun and exciting to say again. Or maybe a whacked out blog like I used to do, things that are random and quite funny. Maybe......someday.....

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