Wednesday, January 2, 2008

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Well well well, it's 2008. How have you been since last year? I'm doing well. What does the bringing of the new year mean to me? Not much really, it's just another day. But on the other hand it's much like a fresh start in a way. It's new numbers for the business, new times and times for trial and error (again).

So what did I do for new years eve you ask? Nothing. I worked the store until seven, things were quite a bit better than last year so I was happy. Then I got ready and went to Wendy's. How fun huh? We got closed and on my way home I stopped at rented Spiderman 3 and then came home and opened a bottle of wine, got into some really comfortable clothes and sat down and relaxed, all by myself. It sounds so pittiful but it really wasn't. It was nice. I didn't have to get up in the morning and I recieved so many phone calls throughout the night I went to bed feeling totally loved and at peace with the world. It was a good night.

Lets see, what else... Oh yes Yesterday I got another visit from my favorite person from North Carolina, my Genia!! She hung out for a bit and we laughed and we joked and then she ran off to have fun on NYE. It's such a strange situation that we are so similar and yet before the last year or so we never would have known it. Technology is amazing.

So tonight Scott and I went and saw "I am Legend" the first 3/4 of this movie was everything that was promised and I hoped for. Great acting, pretty good story and then WHAM. Sucky ending. How sad. A great movie foiled again by such a poor ending, I guess in some eyes it could be a good ending, but it just wasn't what I was hoping for, nothing that seemed to make sense. I wouldn't spend another 8 bucks to see it again, but I may buy it when it's on the 7.99 rack at Wal-Mart.

So that's really it, I'm not sure why I felt the need to blog about that, but oh well, whatever. Oh wait, this weekend I'm going to Michigan! Oh sad that I'm excited about that! ; ) I'm meeting up with L and S, it will be good to see them again. Yeah! go us! So something to look forward to.

Here's to a great 2008! Hey! I'm a poet and didn't even know it!

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