Thursday, October 4, 2007

We'll call him Elmer

I love this life because of the regulars I meet. Where else besides a small town store can you know so much about a person and not be family?

This customer looks like an Elmer so that's what I'll call him. This man is the nicest fellow. A retired farmer and a retired factory worker he and his wife have thier routines. Every thursday is there day out on the town.

They start by taking his wife to the next town over to get her hair done. This is where she has been getting her hair done for the last 12 years, he likes it there and everyone knows her and she knows everyone. It's her chance to catch up on the "old lady news" he calls it. While she is getting her hair done, he wanders over to the local watering hole and sits and discusses life's problems with the local retired farmers over 3 cups of coffee. Any more than that and he gets nervous. Sometimes they are out of coffee or didn't make any that day, so he'll get a couple of diet caffine free pepsi's. When he's done, he wanders back over to the beauty shop and picks up his wife. They stop at the local grocery store and pick up a few items and head back into town. They stop here as they go by to pick up cat food.
Not just any cat food, but 4 slices of boiled ham cut like thick bologna is the line. But recently the poor cat has been ill and the vet said to cut the boiled ham from the diet. She wasn't eating the cat food they got so today he decided to start the cat on bologna. I asked him how he wanted it cut (to be funny) and said.. "Just like thick cut bologna" I nearly peed myself, but did as I was told.

They have lived in the same small house for over 40 years. The second year they bought the home they bought a window airconditioner, and I'll be darned if that thing doesn't still run today like it did back then. It's enough to cool the house and that's the way they like it. A central air unit is just a waste of money, when this is all they need. Every spring he brings it out of the shed, but the neighbor has to help him install it and remove it every year now, he's just too old for that.

Thier poor cat has been sick for 2 weeks and the vet isn't sure what is wrong with her. She doesn't play anymore and won't even lay on her own bed, she lays on the couch now. They are very concerned and aren't sure what to do. He's convinced it's because she's missing the ham, but the wife won't chance it until the vet gives the o.k. He said the cat will just stand infront of the fridge and meow like crazy.

On Thursday nights they meet thier friends up at my aunts restaurant and they have dinner and visit for nearly two hours every week. It's good for them.

Elmer makes me remember my grandfather, so simple, so easy going and in their routine. It's comforting to see and to hear. This is my life, and I wouldn't go back to the old one if you paid me.

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  1. "I love this life because of the regulars I meet. Where else besides a small town store can you know so much about a person and not be family?"

    Ummm, myspace : )