Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Big L.

There are the good customers and there are customers like L. He's a customer you pray for an interuption while talking to. Today I was praying for a phone call, or another customer, or a nuclear Haulicaust, anything to get him to stop talking to me.

He's the son of one of my favorite customers, he's in his 40's I think, at least he looks that old. He has gotten through life living off of other people. He had a good job for a short while but did something stupid and screwed up his neck and back. I personally think it was to claim workman's comp. or something else, I've seen it before.

So anyway, he's had two marriages both have failed (because the women he married, yeah, wow) which I don't hold against people, but it's obvious why his have. He had a house in Defiance that he lost to bankruptsy as well as turning over everything else he had. He moved in with his mother and grandmother down the street and just went on bleeding them dry. They gave him everything and he gave nothing in return. He's the type of person who believes the world owes him anything he wants.

He has some tall tails about jobs he's had, which his mother has confirmed he hasn't had, and has just tall tales about everything. He talks and talks and talks, even if I show I'm bored and ready for him to leave, he continues on droning on about things he knows I couldn't care less about! He spends a few cents in here and takes up sometimes an hour of my time, I just want to beat him over the head sometimes!

In the middle is his wonderful daughter E. She's the cutest and most polite kid I've met in a long time. I'm still not sure how on earth she is the way she is, her mother is a trashy tramp and her father is top on my list of obnoxious people on the planet. But there she is, quiet, shy and adorable. I've gotten her to open up a bit and talk to me and has started to treat me like a family friend, she's such a great kid. Her and her grandmother have a great relationship, and that's why her grandmother paid for the lawyer during the nasty custody suit she had to go through. I'm not sure if it's done yet, but I was hoping her grandmother would get custody of her.

Anyway, the big L. inherited a house in a town about 30 minutes from here, he had nothing. He got this house and his mother paid to fix it up to make it livable for his daughter, he has no money and no job and he drives into town in his Pathfinder wasting gas like crazy, not because he has to, but because he's bored. Then ontop of it all, he decided he needed a new Harley because it makes his back feel better, he's making payments but can't afford the insurance, so who pays for that? yeah, his mother.

I feel bad for his mother who is one of the hardest working people around here, she has a full time job, plus about three part time jobs and she does odd jobs when she can. She's helpful, smart, and will help anyone if they ask, I'm not sure how she had such a hillbilly son, I wonder what his father is like? From what his mother tells me, he was quite the dead beat, not surprising.

I feel so lost when I think about it, because the rest of his family is so wonderful, but he is someone I could do without. He has this idea he's going to buy a new house closer to town, he has no job, no insurance, and no money. How does he plan on doing this? I have no idea.
To give you a good visual or a good idea about who this guy is, here is a story his mother told me.

It was christmas last year and he called and said he needed to go pick up a part for E's present and wanted his mom to go with him. He needed to get a battery for a really cool battery operated car he found for her and got a great deal on. Well he got everything he needed and set it on the counter, the guy rang it up and gave him the total. His mother turned around and looked at him and he told her "well I don't have any money, why do you think you're here?" I told his mother I would have walked out and left his ass. But for her granddaughter she paid it and went on with her day. I don't think I could have dealt with that, I would have blown a gasket.

But anyway, that's the Big L.

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