Monday, August 1, 2011

A Firm Belief

It is a firm belief of mine that if you are having construction done and intrupting my lunch hour, the least you can do is hire some hunk construction workers to make it worth my while. I mean really! How rude. Lol.

The kitchen remodel has begun and it is already making me crazy. I just spent half my lunch figuring out the lumber I have to pick up in the morning. Not to mention the countless moments I've spent pondering the electrical situation, the plumbing situation, the flooring situation and the cabinet situation.

On top of all this I have to figure out the situation happening in my mouth and the legal and financial situations because of that. I also need to plan a menu for the weekend for my family visiting while we have no kitchen.

I realize this is not really my house to stress over, but can I cry too? I am living there and doing most of the construction myself......oh, and I'm working ten hour days.

I know the lord only puts on us what we can handle, but man my shoulders are getting heavy. Pray for my sanity over the next thirty days.


  1. OF course you can cry too, you can also talk to me about it in real life too you know :)

  2. Hey, when you're done there, can you come down here and fix up my house. :-) My landlord has done a horrible job with it, and my floors are still caving in. :-(