Monday, August 29, 2011

Photo Memories - Aunt Julie

Not every family is lucky enough to have an Aunt Julie, I was pretty lucky. She was young enough to have the time to give us, she was energetic enough to put the effort in, and she was genuine enough to give us something to believe in. That's me she's holding obviously, I guess it was one of the nights she was watching me and my parents came home to find us sleeping. I was not an easy baby, I was constantly sick, constant ear infections, and very, very clingy. It took some energy to watch me, ask anyone that did it. lol. It wasn't until I was school age that things got even slightly easier for my parents.

My mother said that as a child I used to sneak down stairs to their room at night after they moved me to my own room and would either crawl into bed with them or they would wake up and find me sleeping on the floor in the corner of their room. For awhile they gave up fighting it and put a fold away bed in the corner of their room for me. I told you I was a clingy child. Things haven't changed all that much for me. lol.

I mean seriously, how could you not love an aunt who wore footie pajamas too? And yes, she totally taught me how to dance. lol. I blame it all on her.

O.k. so we did wear her out from time to time, but even when she collapsed on the floor in exhaustion, we still played. We had some really great times. What is up with the curls on my head!? Seriously!

So anyway as Julie got older she started dating my now uncle Marv. From day one we latched on to him as he was just as fun as she was and seemed to take us in as if we were his own as well. Instead of losing our aunt Julie, we gained fun uncle Marv, who is still just as much fun today. Marv grew up in big family, but a different kind of big family. A family that just didn't treat each other very well, most of them don't speak today, and will verbally confirm that they don't speak and come up with some off the wall selfish reason as to why. Marv has tried countless times to mend fences, but both parties need to want to fix it before it can be fixed. Eventually he gave up. He always said he didn't need two big families, he had ours and that made up for the bad in his.

He was one us from the very beginning. Remember when I was talking about being clingy? Well that was really evident at their wedding. They had me be the ring bearer at their wedding, I got all dolled up in a new suit, got to carry the pillow with the rings and I was pretty awesome if I do say so myself. It is one of my earliest memories. I remember standing up at the front of the church, I remember one of the grooms men picking me up and holding me because I was getting restless and sitting on the church step was just not sufficient for me. lol.

At their wedding I remember wanting to spend time with Marv and Julie and I couldn't understand why they wouldn't let me. My parents kept pulling me back and keeping me from playing with my aunt and uncle. If I didn't remember and if I wasn't told all the time about this there is always photographic evidence......

That is me, tagging along during their first dance as a married couple. Usually the dance floor is empty except for the bride and groom as they dance to their wedding song, but that meant nothing to me, I walked right out and tugged on her dress and walked the dance floor with them. I mean seriously, clingy doesn't seem to cover it.

SO, there we go. My aunt Julie.

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