Sunday, August 22, 2010

finally a post?

Yes yes, but before you get too excited, I'm just really here to let you all know that I'm alive and well. lol. Working full time again after two or three weeks off has been an adjustment. I still have plenty of time to think and to plot more posts, and I have some ideas in my head of things I want to start doing, but really, it's probably not going to happen for awhile.

This is all due to a few factors.

1) I have this unbelievable amount of worry and stress sitting on my heart and my mind currently while I await the closing of the business and this has a strong effect on my inspiration and my mood. I learned to not write in certain moods, and right now as much as I try to avoid it, the mood is affecting me....or should I say infecting me. The end is near, but until it does this weighs heavily on my mind.

2) I'm not comfortable typing on a laptop. I often lose my train of thought because of missing a key or something, it sounds stupid I know it does, I'm very grateful to be able to use it, but I also can't wait until I get my first paycheck and get the internet situation striaghtened out so I can get back to my desk. lol. I really do know how stupid that sounds.

3) There are days, sometimes strings of days, sometimes weeks that I feel like I have nothing of interest that anyone would possibly want to waste time reading. I sometimes feel like I have nothing to contribute to conversations, that I couldn't possibly be interesting enough to have anything worth while to say. I know it's stupid as well, but sometimes I get into that mood and I can't get myself out of it. It takes something different everytime, and I'll get there, I promise.

So anyway, that's all. My job is good, my living situation is fantastic, and my health is good with the exception of my aching feet. lol.

I'll post again soon, how soon? I can't make any promises.


  1. You know, you can move the computer to the table and type on it there :)
    I know, not the same.
    Also, honestly if the AT&T internet thing is unlimited date we can switch now. My internet contract is up now so we can switch whenever you want.
    Just saying...

  2. I'm glad you're checking in!

    I never realized how much I depended on facebook to keep me up-to-date with the people I love until I deleted my account. Following Bethany's twitter feed helps, since you occasionally do or say something silly/sweet/funny that she just has to share with the rest of us. Then I know you're alive and kicking.

    Or else she has you chained up so that you can't leave the confines of the house and is forcing you to cook and clean, and she only posts funny anecdotes to make it SEEM like you're thriving in order to keep us from being suspicious.

    It took me quite a while to get used to a laptop, especially the touch pad. Though I have to say that if you have an urgent need to write, you could always write it in an offline document on your computer and then copy it into a blog post. Just sayin...

    I'm sorry you're tired, but I'm glad you're working. I hope it's nothing too horrible, even if it isn't your dream job.

    Miss you!