Thursday, May 28, 2009


So this past Memorial Day weekend I finally got away on vacation. I had lined up a couple different people to work on Saturday but they all fell through so I decided I wasn't going to sit around waiting for customers all day while my vacation was being wasted, so I just up and closed the store for the weekend, it was a very wise choice.

So Saturday morning I woke up early and got all of my gear around, snacks, camping supplies etc.. and loaded my truck up and took off for East Harbor Bay State Park near Marblehead Ohio up on Lake Erie, it was fantastic!! The drive was dull, but it was such a beautiful day I was so happy to be a part of it finally.

I arrived at the park and got my gear unloaded and set up "Mohring Manor" I have a giant tent that's way bigger than 1 person needs, but I like it and it's all mine. :) Here's a picture of a similar tent, mine has two wings of space on the sides, but it's pretty close.So anyway after I got all set up I sat around with Keelie and Matt and caught up on stuff since I had not seen them since their wedding late last fall. Keelie was my sister's roommate when she lived in Columbus and after visiting many, many times I became friends with her and her boyfriend at the time, now her husband and we became camping buddies. I had only been out camping with them once before about three years ago, but we had such a great time!

Later on we headed out to the beach, the beach is amazing, I couldn't believe Ohio had a place like this!The picture is of Matt playing a little football with his cousin Justin. We camp with Matt's cousin's each time we've camped, they are a riot and are so generous and heartfelt people....and hysterical! So we spent most of the rest of the afternoon on the beach. The beach is a natural sand bar, the water is waist deep for about a mile out from the beach, it was just awesome! The water was a bit cold yet, but I got used to it pretty quickly. The land in the backgound of the picture is Kelly's Island, another place I'll be visiting sometime this summer as soon as we get some dates cleared up.

After the beach we spent sometime in the screen porch of my tent because our camping site had no shade, but the tent provided plenty of room for us to relax, read and talk. We went down to Matt's cousin's sites and helped prepare dinner. We had marinated chicken breast, hobo potatoes (sliced potatoes with cheese, onion and season salt), and Squash and Zuchini all cooked on the campfire. The chicken came out the best I have ever had!! So tender it melted in your mouth!!

After dinner we all relaxed with adult beverages around the campfire and hilarity persisted. Sometime around 2:30am I think I made an embaressingly hilarious fall that still has me bruised today, but I survived. It was then that I realized I had over done it and had to stop. I stuck around a little longer and had a good time but ultimately headed back to our campsite and hit the sack.

On Sunday we had a big breakfast that Keelie did a killer job preparing and waited for my sister to arrive. My sister does not believe in sleeping outside, she says he goes against everything she stands for, but enjoy the atmosphere so decided to come up for the day. Upon her arrival we headed out for a day on the town. We went to Cheesehaven and fell in love with 125 different kinds of cheeses! I was in heaven. We did a little shopping at a local market and headed back to spend more time on the beach. The beach was much windier and colder than the day before so we just walked the beach, not venturing in at all. Holly and Keelie did their 80's movie beach jog to say they did it and it was hilarious. We also came across a great "Fail" for

The sign says "Caution-No lifegaurd-swim at your risk" We laughed and laughed. We also caught the glimpse of the "fish-whisperer" a woman that caught a fish with her bare hands right in front of us! The life gaurds were busy taping her while we were laughing at the obvious.

Anyway we headed back and enjoyed some awesome hamburgers that Matt grilled up and spent the evening with his cousin's again and enjoyed an earlier night of smores. We were all so tired from the day we all ended up crashing by midnight. lol.

Monday was depressing because we had to pack up our stuff, tear down camp and head out after an awesome weekend. Not wanting to rush home I headed a little east and ended up at Marblehead Lighthouse and enjoyed some awesome views of the Lake including Cedar Point from the opposite side of the water than I usually am. I remember one of the first times I was up on the needle during one of my first trips to Cedar Point and remember seeing this lighthouse thinking that someday I would figure out where that was and go there, and well, I finally did. lol.

I finally made it home to work on my brother's house for the rest of the day and came home and crashed late. I could use another vacation from vacation so I could just sleep for an entire day, but I know that's not going to happen.

On a side bar about this evening, I was in the restroom after work here in my house and taking out my contacts and such when I saw a VERY large mouse start to run across the doorway in the hallway. I like to think of myself as a "mans man" but I squeeled like a little girl. I hate vermin. He ran back into the laundry room and I baracaded the room with slipper glass so he can't get out. I found my last box of Decon and dropped it in the room and now I'm afraid I won't be able to sleep tonight, thinking of that thing running around my building. Tomorrow I'm sending my father out to buy as many traps and boxes of Decon as he can, I'm not into murder, but when it comes to this thing, it needs to die. I hate this feeling.

Anyway, that's all for now!!

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  1. Yea!!! You got to have a wonderful vacation! I'm so happy you got some time off and decided to close on Saturday. Everyone needs that!

    And about the mouse -- YUCK!!! I have a cat and thank God she catches them and kills them. Three so far, one each summer. I guess that mouse was the one staking out the place and since he didn't come back they know not to send in anyone else. :-)