Saturday, May 2, 2009

Some tips for watching Godspell

I went to see the high school drama group perform Godspell last night and they did an incredible job. I had never seen this before but am now an instant fan. I never quite realized what a moving musical this is. I only wish someone had warned me about a few things to avoid rather....umm.....awkward moments in the evening, so I thought I might warn you folks.

1. When you have really good seats, about 6 feet from the stage and you hear you someone singing beside you and you turn to see who it is.....there will be a well built 18 year old in his underwear standing next to you. Yeah wasn't expecting to come face to waist with a young chisled man while sitting with my sister and grandmother, not that I'm complaining, but a little warning would have been good.

2. That nearly naked chiseled 18 year old that you are drooling over and watching every move? Yeah turns out he's Jesus in this play. Talk about......awkward.

I wasn't exactly sure which point was more awkward.....
-Seeing this gorgeous man in his underwear within reaching distance
-Checking him out from head to toe wondering if he's even 18 (yes he was thank goodness)
-Realizing you've been checking out least this plays interpretation of Jesus, and not really being able to take your eyes off of him.

But I must say Judas has some good qualities too.
I'm so horrible.

But all that aside the musical was fan.freakin.tastic!!! I would see this performed again, if I didn't have to work tonight I would go see it again. There is a movie from the 70's that is very close to the stage production that I'm going to have to check out because the dialog moves so fast it's hard to catch everything. How have I not heard of this before?

That is all. :)

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