Friday, October 29, 2010

I know, it's been a bit

Yes, so I've been neglecting my blog for awhile, but I've been busy living, you know?

So since we last visited there has been so much happening I hope I can cover it all. I've been absent for a small part because I finally had DSL installed and that came with it's own set of problems, I was concentrating for awhile on getting the two computers in this house connected to the network and get the internet working....o.k. that really only took a couple of days but there's more, I promise. lol.

I put my two weeks notice in at O.M. and it was a rough week. They didn't treat me badly or anything, they felt a little lost and were trying to figure out what to do. They eventually asked me to stay on part time and basically write my own schedule. I hadn't really thought about staying all that much, I won't need the money and looked forward to working just one job, but really I enjoy the job and the people so much I eventually decided to stay on for two nights a week, not because I had to, but because I wanted to, a choice I had not been able to make for quite some years.

I did take a week off between what was supposed to be my last week at O.M. and my first week at the bank. What did I do for an entire week you may ask? Seriously, you can ask....I'll wait patiently for it........................................................................................o.k. there we go. I decided to do some traveling and went to Missouri for four days to see a very good friend and my godchildren. I hadn't been out there for a better part of 6 years and finally had the time to do it, so I did. I had a great trip, a great drive, a great visit and some wonderful memories, it made me so happy.

I came home on Wednesday afternoon and relaxed, did some laundry, and repacked and left Thursday morning to head back to my parents house. I spent the whole weekend visiting with some great friends, catching up with my family and even more great friends. I had a great time, but by the time Sunday rolled around, I was ready to come home. I love them all dearly but that town gets to me after too long. It's amazing how quickly I grew accustomed to being myself down here that stuffing part of me back in the closet for the whole long weekend made me very claustrophobic.

This whole week was my first week at the bank, I was a nervous wreck about the drive, about meeting all new people again, a job I had never done before, etc... I think back to that first day, that was just Monday and think about what an amazing week it's been. Everyone I have met at the bank has been so amazing, friendly and just so easy to get to know. Our training class is a larger class of about 20 people but we all mesh so well. I haven't laughed this much at "work"....ever come to think of it. I do realize that when I get to the actual job it's going to be tougher but we have an amazing trainer who seems to be doing a really great job and is hilarious to boot.

I'm learning a lot about the banking industry that I'm actually finding very interesting. I actually look forward to each day and the days go by so quickly. The company really does seem like a really good company and I keep thinking how blessed I am to find myself in such a great situation finally after the last several years. This new start has had such an amazing beginning and I'm ever so grateful. To live a life, my life, has really been so great. The feeling is amazing and has made me love Cinci even more.

It seems so crazy that such a few silly differences could make such a huge difference in my life and in my mind, but it really has. I feel I've really come a long way since I've moved down here, I can feel it in every laugh, in every tear from laughing so hard, and every new connection I make. I can feel it beginning, this new start, this new life, the life I've been waiting for, the life I nearly gave up on, I can feel it. I know that not every day will be so happy and filled with laughter, I know there are going to be some tough times, there always are, but so far they seem so much easier to handle and live through.

I truly am a very incredibly blessed person.
(the exception of course is the rush hour traffic, but I digress) ;)

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  1. PETE! The power is OUT!
    We could eat at IKEA!
    I'll pee in a shoe, I swear to God I will!

    I'm so happy you're here and happy. Even if you leave roast beef on the counter, coffee grounds on the cupboard walls and take 5 days to empty the dishwasher ;-) (I kid! I kid!)