Thursday, May 20, 2010

selling update

For those who can't follow crypted messages on facebook.......

The appraisal came back for the real estate and it's not all that great, I'm not happy with it at all.  I still have no idea what that means as of yet.  The next step is to have a different appraiser come in and appraise the business assets.  Fortunately the guy doing that tomorrow is a very good friend of the family and wants to help me as much as he can and wants to see the appraisers report and see what advice he can give as well as see just how much value he can pack into the business assets to get the number as close to my price as he can.  The report is flawed enough already I have some cards I can play, but I'm going to see what gets said tomorrow when I meet Denver.

We're still pushing hard and fast to close on the first week of June, we just need to do some final negotiations on the price and then we'll get the contract finished, meet to sign it and then turn it over to the bank who said they would be ready in less than two weeks after they get the contract to close on his loan and get me settled up and on my way. :)  So I'm still looking at moving at the end of June as of now.

If there are problems with the appraisal and no one is willing to budge there may be a 30 day delay as I pay for a new appraisal to be done, but that's a last resort, I don't think anyone wants to bother with, so we'll see.

That's the update as of now.

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