Friday, May 7, 2010

It only took 16 years

I know, I'm still working on my Cleveland post.  I'm finding it hard to put my feelings into words, but it's in the works. :)

Tonight I received a pleasant surprise.  I was contacted by the area director at work today and was asked to stay.  He said my boss has made several statements about how lost she is going to be without me and how hard it's going to be to replace me and he wanted to offer me more money and a higher position landing me as the second in charge of the store.  The money is o.k., but I would be able to achieve monthly bonus's which could equal as much as an extra pay check.

I was very surprised and actually shocked.  For the first time in the 16 years I've worked on and off for that company, someone above my boss has spoken appreciation and even offered compensation for all my hard work. 

It's enough to live on around here, I could easily get a place to live on my own again and not struggle from month to month and constantly worry about how to pay my bills.  It's even enough that I could afford to buy a house with the down payment money this sale could provide.

After some serious consideration, I talked at great length with him about how much it meant to me for him to call me and offer me the position, and how much I appreciated that the company finally noticed my hard work, but that I couldn't accept the position, that I was still going to be moving out of the area.

I say serious consideration, but really it was only about 3 seconds that I thought about it.  This isn't about money, this is about life.  I know what it's like to work those hours, I know what it's like to be in charge of that place because I've already been doing it.  I know what that place has done to me, and I know what this town has done to me, and what it would continue to do to me.  I know accepting that position would only limit me in my life, it would tie me down in my head and I would never again reach for anything more.  I would fall prey to my comfort zone, I would fall prey to the detrimental decisions I'm prone too here, and it would just end very badly and would be misery to the end. 

But it was nice to finally feel appreciated.


  1. Woot! Plus - It sounds like he'd give you a great referral!

  2. Not to mention I would have to console Bethany during her entire trip while she's in Portland... I'm pretty sure she would support you in any way... but I'm also not sure there is enough kleenex in the greater Portland metro area to cope with the emotional loss she would be feeling... not to mention it would deeply interfere with me getting her to help me paint my toenails. ;)

    Love you. Glad they finally let you know what an asset you are to them... as you are to all of us.

  3. Thanks guys. I'm glad I'm not giving up on all sweets, I don't think I could bare to be without you guys.


  4. My heart literally stopped beating for a minute when I was reading.
    Katy's right, I would support you but my heart would be broken without you I've been looking forward to it for so long!

    (Could he transfer you with more money to a store down here until you found a better job? I know you want to get out of fast food but I'm just wondering)

  5. Nope, no transfer is possible. You can only transfer within the same company and we're a franchise who does not own stores in the Cinci area.

    It's probably best that way. I'm not worried. :)

    I've looked forward to this so long as well, I'm not backing out. :)