Friday, December 4, 2009

Life, it's so funny.

So I was supposed to be heading to the club tonight with some friends to dance it up all night, but I strained my back helping my brother yesterday and felt the last thing I was going to do was going to climb the 28 steps up to the club and mess up my back more by convulsing aka dancing lol. So I opted to stay home.

Instead I was planning on going to Free and Charro's and just relax for the evening. As luck would have it they were headed out of town for dinner and shopping and invited me along. I had such an awesome time. It's funny how I could have just as much fun with Free, Charro and beautiful Caryss as I do clubbing it up out and about with other friends. I just love it.

While clothes shopping for Caryss, the awesome 1 year old, my gay fashion side finally showed up as I was trying to help pick out her clothes. lol. I was trying to help dress her up like the diva she is. lol. But sadly we couldn't find just the right size in the faux patent leather coat with fur trim we found for her. But I will find it. lol. She's too cute to not have diva clothes. :)

Lets see what else.......

Yes, I went to the club on Tuesday and had a great time once again. Throughout the night I kept noticing someone looking at me, but I thought it was a coincidence so I didn't think much of it. I asked Jody if Justice was singing to me during the last set because it looked like she was staring directly at me and Jody asked if I was serious. Turns out Justice the drag queen MC had been eyeing me all night. I was quite taken back, I don't remember ever getting checked out. It felt good. Sadly while Justice is a rockin drag queen, I fear we have no future, but I don't mind her looking. ;)

Well anyway, that's all from me, I'm off to finish season 5 of the show I've been watching, It's taken me forever to get through these, but I love it, so it's been good.

Have a great night.

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  1. It's always flattering to me when someone checks me out, regardless of whether or not the interest/attraction is mutual!

    Being the eligible bachelor you are, your inner and outer beauty is bound to make you a target for more longing glances, so you'd better get used to it!

    You're a diva, too!!!