Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I sit here after I left a party of the person people think I am and find myself in the facebook world of what once was as I head into the world of what I am now (if that makes ANY sense at all) and wonder, where will it end?

A friend of mine from college who has no idea about who I really am, well that's not really the case, he knows "who" I am, but doesn't know I'm gay found me on facebook. While this isn't really a problem or concern, he's one of the people that will be part of the merging worlds in a couple of weeks.

I often thought guy was crazy for being so worried about worlds colliding back a few years ago when Bethany I formed a friendship that was guided by God (being only slightly overdramatic) but I'm suddenly realizing for different reasons why it's so strange, weird and chaotic. While I love the idea of my friends from past and present meeting eachother I worry about the out come. Not because one is better than another, but that they won't mesh.

The world from before meeting the world of today is scary. I won't hide the truth from the people of the past as they enter the world of now, but it doesn't stop me from being a little worried about worlds colliding. I've always made friends from many different worlds, but when they meet each other it's not always plesant and I worry.

This probably makes no sense to anyone reading this, and it probably won't make sense to me tomorrow, but it's on my mind.

It's going to be intersting, and I honestly can't wait, but I worry. I'm more worried about the past meeting the present than I am the present meeting the past. It comes down to two different sides of my life meeting one another........and honestly what one another will think of the other.

Crazy I know, it's going to be fine and in the morning I'll be just as confused reading this as you are now, and we'll all get through this together. lol.

I'm sorry in advance for the randomness and craziness of this post. I've had a bit too much to drink tonight and I seem to have problems communicating my ideas.


  1. Friends don't let friends drink and post!

    Just kidding. It really wasn't bad. I actually understood it, but using me as evidence for sanity and clarity is not always a good idea.

  2. Thanks for making me feel a little better, but after reading this now, I should NEVER drink and post. lol.