Thursday, April 2, 2009

My crazy dream

This is more for me so I can just write this dream out and think about it later, it was wild and I woke up exhausted!

So I was living in a basement apartment above an estate. At first I really didn't know who lived in the estate, but I soon met him. He was gorgeous, way out of my league but he took a liking to me, always talking to me and inviting me over and asking me out. We went out several times and got to know one another and I found myself sitting in his living room. The living room was huge, two or three stories tall with a giant window facing the front with lead like shutters. We sat there several nights enjoying the moonlight coming through the window, but each time late at night it felt as if someone came through the window and joined us although I couldn't see them. One night we were making out on the couch and it was like I floated out of my body and was watching myself but suddenly noticed a ghostly witch heading towards the window and the floating me got really scared and went over and started to close the lead shutters trying to keep the witch out.

I could hear my gentleman caller telling me to stop trying to shut the figure out, I just kept pushing on these shutters while the figure kept trying to push them open, I struggled and struggled until someone pulled me away from them and back to my body, it was then I noticed a second witch, who turns out was the out of body ghostly witch that came out of the guy I was just kissing. I was a little freaked out as the man I was just making out with disappeared and the witch took her form and tried to explain to me what was happening.

She explained her mother was the witch coming into the room from the window and that she had been with us every night we were there. She explained that they have been around since the beginning of time and every 2000 years there is a battle in which they have to win in order to stay alive, but they need the help of one other magical person and that each time the person is different but the spirit is the same. The said it took an extra 9 years to find me and the battle has been raging and waiting for them to find me. It took longer to find me this time because I was inside of this gay man.

She went on to explain how I had to learn how to leave my body and help them, but there was no way to teach that, I just had to figure it out for myself and it was my destiny to help them. It took several nights with them to figure out how to willingly leave my body and let my spirit fly and operate independently from my body, but I figured it out. It was a very strange sensation while I was dreaming, that's for sure! lol.

So anyway one night they were meeting in the living room and I was in my apartment seperated from my body just playing around and enjoying the feeling. I went upstairs to find them sealing the living room off and chanting about the battle is soon to begin and something about the apocalypse, I started to get nervous. They noticed me and began chanting more and told me the battle could wait no longer and a light appeared from the center of the room and started to grow brighter and bigger. We began to circle the light and somehow I knew what to chant with them, as the light was struggling to keep growing and get brighter I suddenly started to think about my faith and God and it was then I realized the light was God and this was the final battle between good and evil. I suddenly stopped flying and began to stare at the light and wondered how could I battle God when it was him I had been following, and wondering how it was I got tied up into this mess. The other two witches began to torment me about how I needed to fight the light and defeat it if I wanted to continue to live, if I wanted to be around for another 2000 years.

There was a great distirbance within me and my dark shrouds of clothing began to fall away and a light began to grow within me and I turned on the witches and began battling with them.

Then I woke up and had to pee. I guess the appocolypse got put on hold so I could use the bathroom, I never did get to finish the dream. What a powerful figure I am. lol.

That's all, there is lots there I need to analyze or think about, or to just forget about, not sure yet. Yeah, I'm crazy. lol :)

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