Monday, July 18, 2011


Some days I'm blind sided by confidence and the feeling of self worth. It's funny because there are so many people out there that get blind sided by the opposite, but no one said I was normal.

There are days where nothing in the world can stop me, that I believe what I say matters to someone and that people come to me because they love me and enjoy being in a relationship with me. There are days that I feel I can accomplish anything, that I can be successful and that I really am worth whatever it is.

It feels good, those days. Do you want to hear something really fun? They happen more often now than they used to. They stay longer when they happen, and it feels better every single time.

I wonder sometimes where they come from, sometimes I can feel them come from being shown or being told I'm loved for who I am, sometimes it's from accomplishments, and sometimes it's just because I get tired of putting myself down.

I am applying for a new position at work, a promotion, because it feels right, it feels good and I believe in myself enough to at least try. There are a few things against me, but not enough for me to think I don't have at least a chance. What harm can come from at least trying? It's a strange feeling to talk myself up on a cover letter and actually believe in what I type. It feels good.

Who is this guy? I sure like him.

I owe a post on my trip to Cleveland and it's coming, I promise. :)

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