Tuesday, April 5, 2011

March Good things

Yes I know it's late, get over it. ;)

March 1: a day of Pushing Daisies and relaxation.

March 2: Survived my first day back at work after a long weekend.

March 3: quality conversation at family night.

March 4: Fell in love with my hair today, wow, that was pretty gay.

March 5: Had a great night with the roommate. Home and Garden Show, liquor store, and dinner in Newport!

March 6: Felt really productive today with some cleaning and organizing.

March 7: Today I found the strength to not let the crazy out.

March 8: Mexican night with the roommate and Matthew!

March 9: Dinner with the boys and a quiet night at home.

March 10: Was offered a new job!!

March 11: I accepted the new job offer!

March 12: Had a good drive back to my parents house and quality bonding time with them.

March 13: Attended a benefit for some dear friends of mine and raised a great deal of money for them in their time of need.

March 14: A day with the parents and then a drive home, always happy to visit, but always happy to come home.

March 15: My last Tuesday off and while I was pretty productive I enjoyed the day off.

March 16: Thankful for people that love me more than I think I deserve to be loved.

March 17: 1 more day, 1 more day, 1 more day.

March 18: Today I took my last bank phone call. Did you hear that? It was the choir of angels singing!

March 19: Is this what Saturday's are supposed to feel like? I like it. First Saturday off since January 1.

March 20: Sometimes I just need a good church service to refresh me.

March 21: First day of the new job. Car problems but it got me to a safe place before it died.

March 22: Thanks to some awesome friends I got the car towed to the shop.

March 23: Remembered what it was like to not hate work.

March 24: 1 more day until the boys are in town!

March 25: The boys got into town and much hilarity ensued tonight. I thank God for the friends I have.

March 26: Did some shopping with the boys today and a great dinner too!

March 27: Dinner with the roomie and dishwasher shopping and finished a project!

March 28: I enjoyed work tonight. Did I seriously just type that?

March 29: The last night of quiet in the house before chaos, good chaos but chaos non the less.

March 30: Roomies friends came into town and much laughter was had.

March 31: Started to get a pretty good idea of where to begin my car shopping.

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  1. Oh my GOSH! I didn't even know this blog still worked!!!