Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Truth Syrum

So last night we went out for S's birthday. It was a group of 10 of us in three vehicles. I was in the car with S and J. We drank before we went to gay night at the club so we wouldn't spend as much money there. The party was going well, everyone having a good time, I apparently was having too good of time. I vaguely remember the DD's loading us all in the cars and taking off. One thing about alcohol in my system is that it makes me talk.....a lot. Now in the crowd I was with I'm pretty sure I took the liberty of sharing more information than I think either of them expected about things in the past and things in my mind.

At one point I leaned over to J and told her that in case she hadn't figured it out yet that I was a big ole 'mo. She said she figured it out awhile back, and I guess that only started the conversation. More and more details of the conversations in the car are coming back to me, and I know there were some things that I don't think S was expecting to hear, but he's been very kind about far. lol. I now have no secrets from S or J apparently. J learned an awful lot about me last night, but she'll be cool with it. We stopped off at a bar about half way to the club so S could get a birthday drink from a friend of his that was bartending. I remember hugging and talking and possibly groping our friend Matt the drag queen we support, I'm not sure about the events exactly, but I'm pretty sure I made an ass out of myself.

Once at the club I, being very outgoing and talkative at this point, struck up a nice conversation with the cute guy checking ID's and working the door. I wish I could remember all of the conversation, I'm not sure how big of an ass I sounded like. Once in the club I had a beer and danced the night away. Anyone who knows me, knows I'm not much of a dancer, but that didn't seem to stop me. I danced with everyone, I did some grinding with an old manager I used to work with, made some very awkward attempts at flirting with guys that obviously wanted nothing to do with me, and had what I can only imagine was a terribly awkward conversation with a guy by the bathrooms. I do remember walking in to use the restroom and seeing a group of guys by the sink having a conversation about their yeah, it was different.

The night quickly went down hill when I went outside with the old manager to have a smoke and flirt terribly with him, I'm sure his wife would have appreciated that. But anyway he started entertaining the crowd outside and ended up breaking a $6 piece of glass that was holding up a flyer of some sort on the wall, he freaked and left. The bouncer comes out as our small group of three was heading towards the car and yelled that we had to stay and tell the cops what we saw, and while we were rounding the corner to get away from the guy I heard him give the cops the description of S's shirt. I knew it was going to be bad from then on out. We got the car, got rid of S's shirt and our DD got us out of there fairly quickly.

We were to rendevous with the others at Taco Bell, because that's what you do after a night at the bars in that college town. We waited, and waited, and waited. Well come to find out in a cell phone conversation later, three of them were arrested. The details are still a bit sketchy because I wasn't around and didn't even know where they parked so I have to wait and talk to them to see what exactly happened. The two eighteen year olds weren't held because they had no charges, they were stone sobber and had nothing to do with what had transpired. The 17 year old (who apparently had a fake ID) got alcohol in the club somehow and was arrested for underage. He's going to be fine, and I have yet to figure out how they got tied into the drama.

As we're sitting in the Taco Bell parking lot going back and forth on phone calls trying to piece it together I just put my head in my hands and decided I need to retire Party Boy. He's had his fun, I have no idea how it got so out of control so fast for me. Up until the end I did have a really great time, but it's not exactly the image of myself I wish to leave with people. I think my days of having that much to drink are over. I'm not stupid and thinking I'll give up drinking all together, but it's time I take it back to a more social level. It was a good feeling to let go and have that much fun and let my gaurd down and be more outgoing, but I need to find a way to do that with less alcohol.

It was not my finest hour, I'll admit it. But I learned from it and will be working harder to be more like that, but without a crutch.

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  1. I think that the more you are able to be yourself in your everyday life, the less often this will happen. When we get a chance to open up and "let it all hang out", we tend to try to make up for lost time and get it all out of our systems at once.