Thursday, September 6, 2007

It's the First Day of the rest of my life

Yes, today is the first day of the rest of my life. Today my bankruptsy was granted and I know am able to start fresh. I no longer have this huge amount of debt hanging over my head and I'm so thrilled. After hearing the news it took everything I had to not break down in relief. I was so happy, it was nice to feel the tears of joy dwelling inside of me rather than the usual tears of frustration. The amount of relief I feel is incredible. I still have a very rough road ahead of me, but I'm up for it. After a good nights sleep I'll be ready to roll. I'm not so sure when I'll get that good nights sleep yet, but sometime it'll happen.

The store is currently seeing some down sales. I'm not sure why, I have some advertising to get done. It seems people have forgotten about me already. I'm still in the process of building an inventory to be proud of, it just takes longer than I thought. Slowly I'm getting there. I have some ideas of how to spark interest in my little store again, but it's going to take some time to get the ideas in place and put them into action.

I do feel dirty for having to go through this process of bankruptsy. The idea of not paying for the things I bought with that credit makes me a little sick, but I guess feeling like that makes me feel better in a way. To know it's still the thing to do as a last resort is a good thing right? Yeah I thought so too. I'm so glad we agree on so much! ; )

A customer today brought me in an article written about Eldor after he passed away. It was put in the local paper, but living in Michigan at the time I never got to see it. It was a well written article and I think I'm going to rewrite in on here to share with everyone sometime this weekend. The article called him the Mayor of the Southside. It was a really neat article. I'm going to have it framed as it has a really nice picture of Eldor and Martha taken back in 1985, a few years before her sudden death. It's really all I have from the previous owners. I was hoping for pictures and articles and ads, but they didn't save anything and hardly took any pictures. So I just have to deal with what I have right? I'm working on posting some photos in my blogs too, but I'm going to have to practice that. I'm still new to the whole blogger experience. I've been bloggin on myspace for sometime and really enjoyed it, so I figured this was a good way to document my life at the store.

Well soon I'll start on writing about some of my customers, there are some good stories about these people and some funny stories about how dumb people can be sometimes. I know I've done some of these things, but some of them are just really out there!!

Thats all for today!

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