Friday, March 11, 2011

Sorry folks, mental block

I have fallen behind on writing I know, but I have about 6 posts in the draft stage waiting to be finished, hopefully in a better frame of mind.

The crazy has come so close to the surface lately I was afraid of it pouring out too much onto here and end up scaring everyone so I had to reel it in a bit to keep myself in check.

There has been much good happening but something in my head that has been stopping me from enjoying it the way I should be, it's that dang self doubt again. Lately it has me feeling like I'm barely holding it together. Once I get a handle on it I can finish these posts.

All is good, I promise, it's just all in my head, once I figure out how to get out of my head a bit I'll make some room for all of you to take a peek in, but I must have the liability waivers prepared first.


  1. I love your disclaimers! :)

    Can't wait to see you!!!

  2. You know, you can just write right? I mean, no one is really waiting for these perfectly crafted prose like proclamations. We just want to hear from you.
    Also, the crazy in your head is not that crazy, at least I don't think so (but I'm in therapy, so I might not be the best judge).
    Just let the crazy hang out. Then all of us can have crazy fun together.