Monday, November 1, 2010

October Good Things

October 1: Made the decision to take a week off between jobs and realized I have to give notice soon. More changes are a coming.

October 2: I notified OM of my leaving in two weeks and things went well, it was a weight lifted and at the same time excitingly nerve wrecking. lol.

October 3: An evening on the couch in my pajamas after work just felt really good tonight.

October 4: I picked up my new glasses today!!

October 5: I was sitting on the patio after work tonight and it dawned on me.......I'm actually living in Cincinnati. :)

October 6: Parents came to town and we had a great day!

October 7: I made a connection with someone today, it probably won't go anywhere, but it was nice to feel a connection.

October 8: Had a great day at work, not much work accomplished but we had a good time.

October 9: nothing bad happened today, that was my good thing for the day. lol.

October 10: Pizza and Alias with my roommate. How did I live alone for so long?

October 11: I had a very productive day and it felt really good.

October 12: For the first time in more years than I can remember I accepted a second job, not because I HAVE to, but because I want to.

October 13: I had the most hilarious 4 hours I've had in quite awhile, I burned a lot of calories from laughing tonight, who knew grocery shopping could be that much fun.

October 14:I made some homemade Pesto and it turned out amazing!! My culinary skills are growing and it's so much fun!

October 15: I finally got Bethany's laptop connected to the Internet through the new wireless network! Success!!!.............finally. lol.

October 16: I survived an odd day, and was able to talk myself down from a guilt ledge.

October 17: I had a beautiful and safe drive to see my friends in Missouri.

October 18: I got to teach my god kids how to play checkers and general merriment

October 19: Jaden hugged me and said he was going to remember this visit forever.

October 20: I had a safe drive home on a beautiful day

October 21: Had a great celebration dinner with the family at B.D's Mongolian Bar-b-que!!

October 22: Paid the final electric bill for the store, I don't ever have to go back!

October 23: Game time/ quality time with my brother and friends, it was a good day!

October 24: I got to catch up with some old friends going through an interesting time in their lives.

October 25: Enjoyed my first day of the new job, I think I could get used to it.

October 26: Let down some barriers, only a few, but enough to make me feel really good.

October 27: Loving the trainer and made a friend, got paid to have a really good time!

October 28: Building friendships and loving the training process and everyone I meet, thinking this was a gift from God.

October 29: Had an amazing day, great day at work building some great relationships and drinks and dinner with my hilarious roommate!! Remembered to give some major props to the man upstairs for what is starting out to be an amazing new start.

October 30: Got to eat at the cheesecake factory and even enjoyed the food coma that followed!

October 31: Had a hilarious time sitting with roommie passing out candy tonight!

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