Monday, January 18, 2010

Well from such a heavy post onto some fun stuff. lol.

So I went away last week for a couple of days to go see L. I haven't been up there in awhile and I really miss her energy and our conversations so I knew it was time. I also really needed a couple of days out of town because I was getting townie fevor. I hadn't left the city limits in almost three weeks and was about to lose my mind. lol. I don't know why I'm so restless.

So anyway we usually spend our time together watching really bad horror movies. Not bad in a scary or gory kind of way, in a bad acting, bad plot kind of way and we make fun of them relentlessly. For instance, I can't hear about Dawn of the Dead without thinking about idiots hiding from zombies by holding up in a mall and playing house! I mean come on, they built themselves a little home in the storage area of a mall? yeah, stuff like that.

For christmas she recieved a set of 17 hours of bad horror flicks from the 70's, we thought we'd be in heaven. Sadly after the third movie we realized these were just so bad that we couldn't even make fun of them. lol. So we turned our attention to newer movies because there are so many I hadn't seen and she found some she knew I'd love, both for content and because of the simply delicious actors in them. They both helped me really enjoy myself. :)

The movies you ask?

First there was X-men origins: Wolverine

woof! oh yum.

Second you ask? Oh yes, then there was Star Trek:

how could you not love a movie with this man in it? Did you see his eyes? Seriously, his eyes? Oh yes, and then there is the rest of him. :)

***************************************I'm adding this picture so Jake can enjoy as well. It's the other picture I found, but I worried about posting two underware pictures in one post. :)

The lighting isn't the best in this shot, it's a moment you have to see to really experience. lol.


So those are the two movies that stand out in my mind.....but I have no idea

More funny things. I've worked in a drive-thru off and on for the last 16 years. I have seen what I think would be everything there is to see. Crazies, freaks, people who look like they live in their cars, people who can be smelled from inside the building, drunk drivers, bad parents, good parents, nice people, etc...
I have heard stories of other things, but never thought I would live to see it in my little town, until yesterday..... I looked out the window to find a man not wearing pants. I nearly died. He was about 30 shades of red saying his girlfriend spilled something on his pants, and in his defense he was trying to hold his pants over him while getting his wallet out of them and there was rather large stain on them. What cracked me up was how embaressed he was and the fact that his girl friend was tugging on the pants and laughing hysterically. I just laughed and told him I had seen it all...which I hadn't in the drive thru world, but I did when she pulled the pants away. He was not naked, but did sport the hottest pair of 2xist briefs, and they looked good on him. I should have told him, but that might have created an awkward moment. LMBO!!!
How can someone know the kind of briefs they are from the view I had? Jake and Cody would know. lol... besides recognizing types of briefs...I did see the waist band. lol. Someone has taste.

They were very close to this pair, but he wore them better.

So anyway......

A week or so ago my mother was taken to the ER with chest pains and was very scared. Her father died at the age of 46 of a massive heart attack and now all the siblings get very nervous with chest pains, understandably. They kept her over night to observe and run tests and then last week she went in for some more tests. The doctors have all said that her heart is in great shape and everything looks great. They gave her a clean bill of health and said all the indications say it was indigestion, a severe case, but non the less she's healthy. :) YEAH!

It also opened our eyes in our family about a protocol in a situation such as this. My brother who works in the medical field was very upset that he found out through a voice mail after he got off of work. He was upset they didn't call him because had there been serious issues it was him that would have been called at work to fly her to the nearest heart hospital and he would not have known until he got there and it wouldn't have been a pretty sight. We all sat down and had a long talk about being realistic that this will start to happen more frequently in the coming 20 years, it was a hard reality to face, but after so many could have should have conversations with them about their own parent's deaths it was better that we confront the future open eyed and well informed. I feel better, but at the same time I'm going back to burying my head in the sand, my parents will live forever! :)

Well I'm off. Time to get a few things done to help feel more productive today instead of spending the day on the internet. :)

Lots of love!


  1. That's the best picture you could come up with from Star Trek?!?! We must have seen different movies....

  2. it's not the only picture, I wanted to show his eyes in this one. I found another but for some reason I couldn't see his eyes. lol.

  3. Pardon my intrusion.. i was blog-hopping and landed on your page.. i like the pictures ;-) (just sayin').. glad your mom is alright (sounds a bid odd coming from a stranger, but anyway..) have a most fantastic day... Liane :-)

  4. Thanks Liane, I always enjoy visitors!!

    You have a great day as well!