Thursday, September 24, 2009

This week in the life of........oh yeah, Me!

I type this from the comfort of my wonderful new big boy chair. :) You would think I would have learned a long time ago that I should buy furniture built for guys of bigger size like myself, but sadly it takes me so long to catch on to things. lol. Last week I had an incident with the last of my two office chairs I bought this year. I snapped the back of the one in the house a month or so ago and then last week I snapped one of the legs off of the other chair. They were built for people that weight much less than me, but they were cheap. It doesn't help I'm rather hard on furniture, but regardless it was the motivation I needed to order the office chair I'm sitting in currently. Steel framed, wider, taller and fantastic! I could jump around on this thing and not break it! I like things that make me feel small. :)

So anyway, it's been a dull week. My work schedule was crazy, my day off was spent making prettles, and all that dull stuff. It wasn't really exciting. Last Tuesday poor Norm was in incredible pain because of the viral infection in the nerves of his hand, an ongoing problem, and his meds weren't working so I didn't go over for our usual Tuesday evening fun, so I was kind of bummed most of the week. To be honest I didn't really do anything exciting last week except get my kitchen finally all cleaned up and organized and purged, so it's not all bad. lol.

Yesterday I did get to go to Ron and Norm's again which was great. I really do enjoy spending time with them. I don't know how but we always manage to find something different to talk about. I pried a little further into Norm's personal life, I'm still pieceing together so much about both of them. I didn't realize that Norm was 63! I was asking him about coming out to his parents and such and he went into the story about how he was nearly disowned and was required to cut all contact with all of his current friends because it was their fault. He said his first love was drafted to Vietnam and Norm's parents made him stop sending letters and cut all ties with him and monitored everything he did and everyone he communicated with. He was brought to tears telling me about how the man he loved died in Vietnam never understanding why he stopped getting letters from the one person he cared the most about.

We talked about the times and how things have changed, but I told him I just didn't see it that differently anymore and Norm tried to explain to me how much easier it is now adays. He has so many stories of the people he's met, the things he's done, the people he's done (lol), and the things he's seen. He's just a vault of information. During this conversation I was about to broach a subject that was going to give away my sexuality per say and I stopped to ask "You guys figured out by now that I'm gay right?" And Norm mustered up the most feminine voice he could find and said "bitch please" which made me burst out in laughter. Ron came out from the house and started laughing and said, huh, finally wanted to tell us huh? It was a good laugh.

We didn't really talk much about my situation, I just listened to their stories. Ron is much younger than Norm so the stories are a bit different, but it was just a great night like usual. The conversations were much easier because I stopped filtering myself and it made the two of them laugh even harder. I enjoy free conversations so much more than filtered. lol.

So it's done, it's been said and I feel better. There are still many hurdles in front of me, I talked about some of those with my friend LeighAnn last week during our 5 hour phone conversation. lol. She has a hard time understanding why I'm waiting to tell my parents, why I'm so worried, but she's never met them. While most of me believes it will be o.k. there is still another part of me quite worried about how it will change my relationship with them. All in good time, all in good time.

So I keep going along every day. I'm getting ready to start talking to new realtors soon, my contract is up in a couple of weeks and I'm ready to find someone who will sell this place and earn the money they will make off of it. I'm ready to move, I'm ready to stop living in Limbo and move on already. I will really miss some of the people around here, but I know it's going to be just fine, if not better. I've definately strengthened relationships while I've been here. :)

Well that's all from me today, better get to bed, have to work all day tomorrow!


  1. I'm laughing my ass off at your friends comment. For one thing, I have a couple of friends who would react the same way, so I could picture them saying it, making it all the more entertaining.

    The longer you hang out with Yoda and Obi Wan, er I mean, Norm and Ron, the more finely tuned your gaydar will become. It's no surprise that a gay man in his sixties got a ping on his screen when he met you. Practice, practice, practice.

    Although I have to warn you, since the advent of the metrosexual, things have gotten a bit more complicated...

    As for the chair, I have to tell you, I have been on a quest for the last couple of years to find a comfortable camp chair that doesn't cause me pain after sitting in it for three days straight. I fell in love with that Coleman chair you brought to Bethany's, so when Cody went to buy new chairs over labor day weekend, I made him get those. We made two more converts that same weekend! Thanks, Buddy!!!

  2. I live to share the big guy coleman chairs, they are just roomy and comfortable! Who knew? lol.

    I figured they had good gaydar, I just wanted to make sure before I said something and made an ass of myself. lol.

  3. So, I started thinking to myself the other day that, "gee, Pete has blogged in a realy long time." Then it hit me... umm.. yeah, I don't have this blog in my reader. I'm not sure why I don't, but apparently I never linky linked it. So I've missed like 6 months of blogs! That's like, totally unacceptable, dude! (teehee)